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Fairweather House & Gallery



About Us

A premier source for stylish, chic furnishings, unexpected art, and the most extraordinary accessories.
30 years of interior design background. ''Fairweather House and Gallery is one of the Gilbert District's sought after destinations offering an ever-changing amazing visual experience.'' The Daily Astorian.
Representing more than 200 regional artists for over eleven years, in traditional transitional, contemporary, realism, impressionism, and emerging art.

Where Art Benefits Nature, NCLC newsletter article
When Fairweather House & Gallery began displaying photography by Neal Maine/PacficLight Images in August 2012, she had no idea how enthusiastic the response would be.

“When I open in the morning, I find nose prints on the windows where people have stopped to peer in during the evening,” Denise observes. “The photographs are beautiful: bald eagles on the beach, elk in the estuary. But when people discover that they are taken essentially within walking distance of the gallery, they are amazed.”

Fairweather donates proceeds from the sale of PacificLight Images to North Coast Land Conservancy - more than $4,000 in 2013 alone - an arrangement she plans to continue through 2014 and beyond.

Seaside Signal Apr. 2011 –Rosemary Dillenger, editor
Denise Fairweather considers herself a steward of the land and is passionate about recycling. She has taken serious steps to reduce her carbon footprint and encouraged others to go ''green'' long before the practice was popular.

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